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How To Connect Your Computer To Your Home Stereo System

You have all this great music on your PC and you’re listening to them through those tiny computer speakers. Meanwhile, you have this great stereo system and great speakers, but most of your music is on your PC. The solution is to hook your computer to your stereo. It’s easy and I’ll show you how now!

First you have to locate where your audio comes out of your computer. Here’s a hint, it’s where your tiny computer speakers are plugged into now. On the back of your computer, it may be green jack that fits what is called an 1/8 inch jack. If you have trouble locating it, your soundcard manual will call it a line output, audio output, or speaker output jack.

Audio Output Jack

Once you’ve located this, you will need an 1/8” to stereo RCA adapter and standard analog audio cables (also called stereo cables by some). You can also just use one cable with the correct ends like this one which can be ordered cheaply from Amazon below.


Now that you have your cables:

  • Connect your adapter to your audio cables.
  • Insert the 1/8” inch plug of the adapter into your line output of your PC
  • Connect the left and right (or white and red) audio cables to your stereo receiver’s auxiliary (AUX) input. If you don't have an auxiliary input on your receiver, any other input will work except the PHONO input.
  • Turn on your PC and receiver
  • Select the AUX input (or whichever input you connected the cables to) on your home audio receiver
  • Set the desired volume on the audio receiver
  • Set the desired volume on your PC in your soundcard’s settings by going to the your control panel and selecting the Sound option.
  • Enjoy your great sound

If you don’t have sound after all of this, here are some things to check:

  • Make sure that your receiver is turned on
  • Make sure that your volume is turned up enough
  • Make sure that you’re Tape Monitor button on your stereo receiver has not been pressed
  • Make sure that your Speakers A button on your stereo receiver is on
  • Check your cables to make sure they didn’t fall out, become loose, have a short, or are in the wrong jacks
  • Check your soundcard settings – I know this doesn’t explain much but different computers have different ways of adjusting sound. Creative© soundcard settings can usually be found by going to START then PROGRAMS then CREATIVE then CREATIVE SURROUND MIXER. Many soundcards are built onto the motherboard of your computer and can be adjusted by clicking on the speaker icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, or by clicking START then CONTROL PANEL and click where the sound adjustments are. You’ve gotten this far so you’re smart enough to figure it out from here if this is the problem.
  • Check your speaker wire to your speakers
  • Make sure your MUTE button on your stereo receiver has not been pressed